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Business Opportunites for Teens: Best Choice 2019

Business Opportunities for Teens: Best Choice 2019

Looking for the best business opportunities for teens? Learn the best choice for 2019 to help your teens to earn money while building a business they can be proud of.

Business Opportunities for Teens

The Challenges With Finding Business Opportunities for Teens

It can be a challenge to find a good business opportunity for teens and even more so an opportunity where they can learn to build their own business. There are many online business opportunities but they require marketing experience along with tech skills that most teens may not have developed yet.

Not only are most products designed to be sold to adults, but they also do not appeal to most teens. The challenge is find an easy to sell item that has mass appeal.

How to Pick The Right Business Opportunity for Your Teen

Picking the right business opportunity for your teen is very similar to choosing one for yourself. After all, you will have to help your teen with the business since they are not of age. Choose a company that your family will all enjoy being a part of. Go over your teens interests and hobbies and try to find a good match. The following a quick checklist when evaluating a business opportunity for your teen:

  • Ask yourself-Does the company interest my teen
  • Are the products the company sells teen friendly
  • Does the company offer promotional products that your teen can easily share
  • Consumable Product-very important since you want re-orders
  • Affordable enough for other teens to afford
  • Is it a business opportunity that your teen can build upon
  • Does the company offer any incentives or benefits
  • Are the products visually appealing, especially online

Our Top Business Opportunities for teens in 2019

Our top choice for teens is actually falls in the network marketing space. The reason this is a good choice is because it fills all of our criteria listed previously. Network marketing is an excellent way to get teens used to the concept of selling and since most companies provide sales and marketing support and tools, your teen can start right away building their own business and making quickly.

Network marketing has been around for a very long time and regardless if you have heard any negativity in the past regarding network marketing, the truth is that the good ones have been around for a very long time and going strong for a reason. Just remember that you can never get quality products massed produced and that is what sets network marketing apart-quality product.

While you will have to sign up for your teen in order for them to sell, it is a great way to build stronger relationships with your teen and help them with their business building journey.

2019 Hot Pick For Teens Business Opportunities

Our current top choice for business opportunities for teens in 2019 is Pink Zebra. If you have not heard of Pink Zebra before, they sell patent pending home fragrance and decor in a unique and fun way not found anywhere else.

We chose Pink Zebra as our favorite teen opportunity because of its easy to sell products which are consumable and has mass appeal not only with teens but with adults alike. They offer over 56 unique fragrances and even a fun online Blend Bar where your customers can create their own fragrance when ordering. Very fun and interactive.

pink zebra blend bar-business opportunities for teens

Pink Zebra provides not only easy to follow sales process, but you can get everything you need to get started including easy to promote fragrance samples for your teens to hand out along with beautiful marketing material which helps the product sell itself. Watch the following video and frequently asked questions about the Pink Zebra business opportunity.

Watch the Pink Zebra Video and Learn More

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